Friday, September 01, 2006

Fire Drills

The coolest thing happened at work today! Now I possibly shouldn't be telling you this but, never in the two years I've been working here have I heard the fire alarms go off. Not even for testing. So that's probably why, when they went off this morning, we all looked kinda blankly at each other for a minute before deciding to evacuate the building. Then, we all filed down the stairs and assembled...well, more like scattered, outside until someone came and turned the alarm off.

Then, you'll never believe it, later in the afternoon the alarms went off again! This time we were slightly more prepared. But I was amazed that some customers didn't seem too keen on the idea of evacuating the building. I mean, did they want to get burnt up?! Admittedly there wasn't a fire but...well, there could have been!

The strange thing is, nobody seems quite sure why the alarms went off. There obviously wasn't a fire and there'd been no warning about the alarms being tested or having a fire drill. Maybe the alarms are just broken. But, still, it was quite a nice deviation from work! And, it's a kinda useful thing to happen just before closing time - the shop was empty within seconds! :P

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Andrew Harman said...

that sounds like fun and good for bisness (geting them all out very easly with no hanging around)
love andrew