Tuesday, October 03, 2006

One way of proposing...

I just love this!! It's a letter written by William Carey's son, Jonathan Carey, to a young lady he admired:

After a long consideration
Of the great reputation
You have in the nation,
I have an inclination
To become your relation.
To give demonstration
Of this my estimation,
I am making preparation
To remove my habitation
To a nearer situation,
To pay your adoration.
If this declaration
Should meet your approbation,
'Twill confer an obligation
From generation to generation.

a man of observation.

She replied....

I received your oration,
With much deliberation
Of the seeming infatuation
That seized your imagination,
When you made your declaration,
And expressed your admiration
On so slender a foundation.
But, after an examination
And some little contemplation,
I deem it done for recreation,
Or with some ostentation,
To display your education
By an odd remuneration
Of words of like pronunciation
Though of different signification;
Which, without disputation,
May deserve commendation.
So I shall give much meditation
To your quaint communication.


Naomi Lowery said...

Originaltiy must have been his strong point

Andrew Harman said...

Hi Andrew here. I like your poetry!!!
Love Andrew