Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I own a piece of America!

How cool is this, I now own land in the US states of Virginia and Colorado!

Okay.....I have to admit it, each piece of land is only 1" square! But, it really is completely, legally, 100% MINE!!


Ben Lowery said...

I got some of Oregon!

Suzanne said...

koooool!! :D

Benjamin said...

When are you going to blog again??

Suzanne said...

Never! ]:)

Benjamin said...

Hey, you've got post!!!!

Andrew Harman said...

Hi it Andrew here (thanks for the coment i think thats my most populer post)((its got the most coments))
anyway enough about my blog lets move along to yours. So its pink....pink...slitly more pink.
then theres you posts. this one sounds fantastic. owning a peace of america!!!!!!!!! cool!!!!!!!!!!!
i like your blog (your one of the only people with a blog that is around the same sise as mine)
love Andrew