Thursday, March 01, 2007

a kindred spirit

Lasagna is not a dish, windbag. It's a way of life, a state of being,
Man's perfect one achievement.

What did the Indians serve to the pilgrims? --Lasgna.
What did Marie Antoinette scream to the rabble? --Let them eat Lasgna!
What did Neil Armstrong say when he landed on the moon?
--That's one small slice of lasagna.

It's not a dish, it's the stuff of dreams.
It's the food of the gods.



Sylvia Lowery said...

I had better make you a lasagna the next time you come for a meal.

Ffion said...

Suzie, you have a one track mind!!!!!

Ben Lowery said...

don't we all!? Lasagne... it's actually quite a rubbish sounding word! But it tastes nice!

Ben Lowery said...

... the meal not the word...