Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A large, long river...

God's providence may not unfitly be compared to a large and long river, having innumerable branches, beginning in different regions, and at a great distance from one another, and all conspiring to one common issue. After their very diverse and apparent contrary courses, they all collect together, the nearer they come to their common end, and at length discharge themselves at one mouth into the same ocean.

The different streams of this river are apt to appear like mere confusion to us, because of our limited sight, whereby we cannot see the whole at once. A man who sees but one or two streams at a time, cannot tell what their course tends to. Their course seems very crooked, and different streams seem to run for a while different and contrary ways: and if we view things at a distance, there seem to be innumerable obstacles and impediments in the way, as rocks and mountains, and the like; to hinder their ever uniting and coming to the ocean; but yet if we trace them, they all unite at last, they all come to the same issue, disgorging themselves in one into the same ocean. Not one of the streams fails.

- Jonathan Edwards
from Freedom of the Will


Anonymous said...

Very nice post Suzi.

Hope your OK :)


Suzanne said...

hi Josh, thanks for the comment :) i'm not bad thanks, hope you're keeping well too.