Friday, February 15, 2008


Due to a barrage of requests to see my new haircut (well one, anyway) I've posted some photos for you to see :)

I dislike going to the hairdressers. This is partly due to the fact that I don't enjoy sitting there being interrogated about my job/holidays/hobbies and whatever. And I still didn't escape the school questions - people always think I'm about 15. I think the girl was quite embarrassed when I told her I was 20!

I never know quite what I want doing to my hair so when they start asking "What shall I do?" or "Do you want this and this doing?" I just say "Erm....yeah" or "Well, whatever you think!".

It's way too short though :S You can't really tell on the picture above so here's another one. That always happens, I'm sure they take double off what you ask them to. Or they forget my hair's curly so it jumps up loads when they dry it.

But anyway, after that exciting post, I'd better go because I've just realised I'm going to be late for work. Hope all my readers have a great day :)

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Leo said...


i see the pic now.. yey!!!! thanks for takign a pic :P

and to comment ur blog.. ITS NICE!!!!!!

cya later, love ya Leo! xx