Saturday, February 23, 2008

Letter Stories

I received a letter from UCAS the other day. It told me that, unfortunately, I had been unsuccessful in my application to study at Newi. The course code given at the bottom was for a course in Primary Education or something similar. This mystified me because I knew my application had been successful and I'd never had the remotest interest in studying Primary Education. When I looked closer I discovered the letter was in fact addressed to someone else!

This comes the same week dad was sent the log book for someone else's car. But the best story was one a work colleague told me - she was sent a letter telling her that her dad had died. Fortunately, she was sitting opposite him when she opened the letter. I think it was from a care home and, apparently, they found a few people with the same name so they just randomly guessed which was the right person. You'd think they'd make sure of their facts before sending a letter like that!

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Leo said...

:o lol... That's bad!!!

Alhough funny, but not good!