Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Job

I have a new job. Well kinda. I'm still working at Abakhan but I'm working in a different department for two days each week. This basically means I get to spend two days running round like a headless chicken trying to do a million and one things at once. When I arrived Tuesday morning, I had to deal with two telephone calls before I'd even had the chance to take my coat off! Now I know why Ruth always seems stressed out. But hey I love it! I was glad to be offered the job because tidying the shelves and cutting fabric all day was starting to get a little brain-numbing. I'm still working in the shop but I'm now also responsible for customer fabric/curtain orders - getting them ordered, sent out, checked etc. Plus, I'm expected to know just about everything there is to know about fabrics, making curtains and the rest.....which is a little daunting, because obviously I don't. And the responsibility's quite scary, one mistake could cost the company a lot of money.

Still on the subject of work, I really should start compiling a list of all the funny things customers ask. Some of my favourites are:

"How long is a kilo?"
"What colour would you say this green fabric is?"
"I can't find anything here now. Where have you moved the staircase to?"
"How much material do I need to make a pair of curtains?"
"I live in Worchester Lane, Chester - do you know what size my windows are?"
"Do you have any Muslim here?" (meaning muslin, of course - but I struggled to keep a straight face!)

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Bethany said...

That was funny, though I do often say stupid things.