Friday, February 01, 2008

Young People's Challenge 2008

Every year, the Biblical Library in Blackpool organises a writing competition for young people. I've entered it myself a couple of times in the past but not in the last few years. A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting the gentleman who organises this competition and he was telling me that interest seems to be severely declining and he now only gets a few entries each year. Now this seems a pity to me because I think it's a great idea and encourages young people to research the lives of Christians in the past and hopefully learn from them. So, if any of my readers are interested in entering, you can find all the information you need below.

The challenge set for 2008 is:

The Life of Robert Murray M'Cheyne

Please include and comment on the following in your paper:
1) His conversion and preparation for ministry
2) His plan for reading through the whole Bible
3) How is he an example to God's people today?
4) What is he best known for? It can be summed up in ONE word!

Junior category - age 14 and under. 1500 words maximum.
Senior category - age 15 to 23. 2000 words maximum.

Closing date is September 2008.

Please send all entries to:

The Biblical Library (NW)
C/o The Baptist Tabernacle
2 Springfield Road
Blackpool, FY1 1QL

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