Thursday, March 13, 2008

false alarm

I felt sorry for the new security guard at work last night. A few of us stayed behind to move the shop around - yet again. For those who it may interest, we've reopened our craft shop. So last night we were rearranging the wool shop (where the craft stuff used to be). For some reason, this has to involve moving every single ball of wool to a different location...all thousand or so balls. But hey I don't mind, I was getting paid for it!

But anyway, part way through the evening, the burglar alarms suddenly started ringing. Or wailing would be a better word. We ignored it for a while, assuming it was some part of the security guard's routine. But after 10 mins or so the manager decided she'd better investigate because apparently the police are supposed to come after so long. It turned out that the security guard had somehow managed (it's complicated) to set the alarms and then set them off by opening a door. I've no idea why but it took them ages to get them turned off again.

Shortly after this little diversion, one lady decided she was going home. She left the shop but returned a few minutes later to report that the staff cabin had been locked up and she couldn't get in. The manager radioed the security guard to come and open it again. But....for some reason, he couldn't! I'm not sure why this was but we could see him running up and down the car park with bunches of keys in his hand. Maybe it was because we had a new door on the cabin - the old one blew off yesterday. He got it open eventually. I think the poor guy was feeling mortified by the end of the evening but he did see the funny side of it :)

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