Monday, March 17, 2008

Grand Slam Champions!!

Yay Wales won the Grand Slam again! So I'm told. I didn't actually watch or listen to a single game. I didn't even watch the France game on Saturday because I cooked the tea when I got home from work. I was hungry and I couldn't get the remotest bit of sense out of any other member of the family :P Spaghetti bolognese holds far more interest for me than rugby now.....maybe I'm getting old. But I'm still glad they won!

Some people just take the whole thing waaaay too seriously...

A Welsh fan was watching a Six Nations game against England at Twickenham.

In the packed stadium, there was only one empty seat - right next to him.

"Who does that seat belong to?" asked Dai from the row behind.

"I got the ticket for my wife," replied the fan.

"But why isn't she here?"

"I'm afraid she died in a car accident."

"Ahh, I understand - you're keeping the seat vacant as a mark of respect?" asked Dai.

"No", said the fan, "I offered it to all my friends."

"So why didn't they take it?" asked a puzzled Dai.

"They've all gone to the funeral."


Bethany said...

That's awful. Is it just made up or is it true?

Suzanne said...

no it didn't really happen...or not as far as I know! it's a joke :) sorry, I probably should have said that!