Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Granny Bowls and Other Stories

I played my first ever game of bowls on Saturday. It was Leo's 18th birthday and she invited friends and family to the bowls club for a game. Or several games actually - there were quite a few people so we were divided into teams and.....well yeah, it's hard to explain!

It was easier than I expected....not that I won a single game. But, I mean, I always thought it required great skill to get the ball to do this whole bendy thing. The ball's weighted though, so it does all the curving by itself - I didn't realise that, duh :D

The 'other stories' was going to be about our trip to pizza hut on Friday. But, I've completely forgotten why I thought it was interesting/exciting enough to blog about. Hmm......what happened Leo? I've got a photo anyway :)


Leo said...

Noooo... I posted a comment but it didnt send adn i thought it did so i exited the webpage, then i realised :(

I said (something like) I thought the bowling went well - even though i didnt bowl well at all..
And the shopping/pizza hut trip was sooo funny, but i can't really remember why, im sure it had something to do with a hair, the amount of food I ate, a balloon and hmmm... I can't remember!

Have you had a good few days at work?
What u been doing?

Are you still up for/thinking about friday's trip? :D xx

Suzanne said...

i know it was...and yeah, it was something like that! :)

I haven't been doing much at all except working, this is the first day I've had off in ages not counting Sunday.

hmm....i text you about friday :P and i'll speak to you later xx