Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Drawing a perfect circle

Last week, I spent a considerable amount of time trying to draw a perfect circle. Or as near to it as possible. Obviously it's impossible to draw a completely perfect circle.

I filled pages and pages with my egg-shaped circles. However I've since decided it's a waste of paper so I'm practising in Photoshop using a graphics pen.

And hey, this isn't just a totally random, pointless pursuit, you know? I'm hoping it will help develop my hand-eye coordination and improve my drawing skills. That's the idea anyway.

I think I'm marginally better at it now but they're still nowhere near perfect.

Some of them went quite badly wrong :(

Anyway, here's what all this is leading to......

I searched on the internet for an easy, foolproof way to draw perfect circles. It seems no such thing exists. Bar using a compass. But I did find this:

WOW it's incredible! You know though... I tend to think that taking circle-drawing up as a hobby is perhaps a little extreme :)

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