Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Experiment no. 2

Now I've actually done a little bit of research into all this ;) But I want you to try experiment no. 2 before I tell you all about it. Look at what I've written again. Go through and read the colours out loud. Read the colours, not the words. E.g., first one is blue because that's it's colour.

Not so easy, is it? You have to force your mind to focus on the little voice and ignore the voice that's shouting at you. Not sure if that's a good metaphor but that's what it felt like for me!

So tell me, how fast can you do it? :P


Anonymous said...

15 seconds, though I guess if i really pushed it i could get it up :S

Suzanne said...

hmm....not bad

but i just beat you - 13 secs :P