Saturday, April 05, 2008

My first attempt at movie-making....

I recently discovered Windows Movie Maker. It's fun. Problem is, it takes AGES because you've got to create loads of frames every time you want to put the tiniest bit of animation in. So that's why my blockbuster only lasts 45 seconds.... you'll have to wait till I develop Episode 2 to find out what happens next. Alternatively, you can listen to the rest of the song and try and guess ;)

But anyway, here's Part 1:

Okay you guessed it, I can't draw. I'm afraid my artistic talents don't extend much further than stick figures in cowboy hats.....but hey I'm working on it!

But I decided there must be an easier way to make movies. Enter Adobe Flash. This has to be one of the most amazing software packages out there. It has a brilliant feature called tweening, which basically means you define the beginning and end shapes/positions and it creates the in-between stages for you. Neat, huh? And, although I don't think it was created with aspiring film makers in view, it's still a great package to use :)

You can download a free trial from the Adobe website here

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Leo said...

Hahha.. I love your mini-blockbuster!

Adobe Flash is great... Still prefer using Adobe Image Ready for quick animations/banners for websites :D

Anyhowss.... I have college in a bit.. I got to go get breakfast then set of for the bus - will cya later, have a good day at work! xx