Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tales from Wales

I've just returned home after spending a very pleasant few days staying with a friend in Penrhyndeudraeth. Well actually, I drove home at 7 o'clock this morning in time for work at 9:30. The journey was good...I beat the GPS' ETA by 30 mins ;) And I didn't once break the speed limit!

I always find it a bit of a culture shock going into that part of Wales. Suddenly one discovers that sheep outnumber the human population by about 5 to 1. Plus, I feel very much like a foreigner when people are speaking a strange language all around me and I don't understand them! My Welsh is not good. I managed a 'Noswaith dda' and a few 'da iawn diolch's but I'm afraid that was about all. People very kindly translated for me in church on Sunday. And they mostly spoke English to me, which I felt very relived about, if a little guilty :) I'm determined to work much harder at my Welsh-learning!


I took some photos with my phone over the course of the weekend so I'll let them tell the story...

Here's Penrhyn 'beach'. Actually it's the estuary but I think it could pass for a beach with all that water and sand!

On Monday, Patience and I visited Llanberis Slate Museum. Among other things, we watched two gentlemen demonstrate slate splitting and dressing. It was incredible, they made it look so easy!

Power in the quarry was generated by this huge, 50ft water wheel. It's quite scary standing next to it. I think it makes you feel very small and insignificant.

Here's Patience standing outside the row of 3 quarrymen's cottages at the museum. Each house is furnished in a different style to demonstrate how the houses might have looked during different periods: 1860, 1901 and 1969.

Dolbadarn Castle. There's not a lot of it left, there's only really this tower/turret left standing.

And finally, the view from the top of Dolbadarn Castle. I think the lake is Llyn Padarn.

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