Thursday, May 08, 2008

still alive

I'm flattered that so many of you are interested in hearing about 'my life' ;) It may be you're just being polite but here's an update anyway.

I seem to be spending the bulk of my life at Abakhan. In fact, I've been considering pitching a tent in the car park to save driving there every day...

The rest of my time has been jam-packed with loads of stuff that needs doing too. Hence the lack of blog posts this week. Although, what I just said is probably a little misleading. Actually what happens is, I spend a considerable amount of time in the evening writing lists of things I need to do. I then sit at the computer for hours making a half-hearted attempt at doing them before deciding I'm too tired and I'll do them tomorrow.

And as for the last couple of evenings....well, they say a picture speaks a thousand words...

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