Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you Bethany and Leo for agreeing to be interviewed. I shall write out a list of questions and send them to you asap.

I'm trying to decide whether to interview on a particular subject or to just ask random questions. The problem with using one particular subject is that it'd be helpful to know your answer to each question before I proceed to the next one. Which could get a little confusing if I'm going to show you the questions beforehand.

But hey I'm open to suggestions! Would either of you two, or any other readers, like to hear/participate in an interview on anything in particular? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Why can't you just privately email them a question at a time to which they then respond? You can then publish the interview transcript on here.

Suzanne said...

that's a good idea :)

and actually, i have an idea what the interview's going to be about...

So Bethany and Leo, if and when you're feeling brave enough to set this thing going, you can email me at thedragonhaslandedatyahoodotcodotuk

Bethany said...

Hi Suzanne,
Here's my family email address if you want to email me the questions.

BTW My grandfather also colour coordinates pegs. Maybe, it's hereditary.

Bethany said...

oops, forgot to give you the address.