Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bethany Roberts on 'Star of Light' by P St. John

You may remember that, a little while ago, I asked if anybody would be happy to have me interview them. Well, Bethany Roberts very kindly (and bravely) agreed to answer questions about a book she has read recently.


Suzanne: Hello Bethany, welcome to my blog. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. Perhaps before we start, you'd like to just tell us a little about yourself?

Bethany: Well, first off I am 17 years old and am 3rd in a family of 12 children. I have 8 sisters and 3 brothers; I also became an aunty last November. My family and I live in Canberra, Australia. I love animals and I would probably be called an extravert. I am not fond of reading and I love to take photos.

Suzanne: Thank you Bethany. Now, I'd like to ask you a few questions about a book you have read recently. First of all, what's the title of the book and who wrote it?

Bethany: A book I read a month or so ago is called "Star of Light" and it is written by Patricia St. John.

Suzanne: Can you tell us briefly what the book is about?

Bethany: "Star of Light" is a children's book; my sister who is almost 5 years old loves it. You probably think it is a bit strange I am recommending it but it is a lovely story of a young boy named Hamid and his love for his little blind sister (Kinza). Hamid battles hunger, weakness, and cold so he can keep Kinza from being sold to a beggar.

Is it a true story?

Bethany: No. I think the author lived in Morocco for sometime and she wrote this story based on things she had seen. I think Patricia St. John wanted to show what it is like for children, especially handicapped ones, who live in Muslim Countries.

Suzanne: The book has an interesting title. Why is it called “Star of Light”?

Bethany: I am not absolutely sure why it is called "Star of Light". It could be because the story is based in Morocco. The Moroccan people are Muslim but there is a missionary trying to tell the people about the gospel. Maybe it could also be because Kinza can't see physically but the missionary teaches her about Jesus so then she can see the Light that is most important.

Suzanne: What did you enjoy about the book?

Bethany: I think what I love most is the bond between Hamid and Kinza. It’s just so nice to read a book about children in the same family who love each other enough to risk their comfort and life.

Suzanne: Did you learn anything from this story?

Bethany: I always find it challenging when I read about people in a family loving each other very deeply. Even though I love my family and enjoy spending time with them more than anyone else, I know there are many areas in which I need to improve.

Suzanne: It sounds like a lovely story, Bethany. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

For UK readers, "Star of Light" is available new from Amazon.co.uk for (currently) £4.99. Photo appears courtesy of Amazon.


Anonymous said...

It seems strange you interviewed her about a book after she said "I am not fond of reading." :S

Suzanne said...

Well, we decided on the topic before I started asking her questions. But you're right, perhaps I should have made doubly sure that she didn't mind being interviewed about a book... :S

Bethany said...

I didn't mind. Though if I don't like reading and recommend a book you'd think it must be good.

Suzanne said...

I'm glad of that Bethany :)

And, yes, I'd expect a book to be especially good if it was recommended by somebody who doesn't normally enjoy books.

Kareem said...

A very bad read this book. One sided, appalling knowledge of culture (she was meant to have lived in Morocco for some time?).
It cost me $1.60 and I regret wasting my money on that!
I put it where it belonged- in the fire!