Thursday, July 17, 2008

A few busy weeks

I'll probably be doing very little, if any, blogging over the next few weeks. That's because my schedule is kinda full and I won't be spending much time at home.

Here's what I'm doing, DV:

Sat 19th July: I'm driving to Penrhyn Castle for a one-day photography workshop. I'll be learning the basics about how my camera works and taking plenty of shots around the castle, with an expert at hand. Should be useful. And fun, hopefully! After that, I'm driving over to Patience's house where I will be staying until Monday.

Mon 21st - Fri 25th: On Monday morning, Patience and I are driving down to Pembroke where we will be camping and attending the Summer Conference. Our families will be driving down and joining us at some point during the day too; we're all on the same campsite. I'm looking forward to it, I've heard good reports from last year. Plus, lots of people I know seem to be going, which is lovely!

Sat 26th: I'll be driving home via New Quay where I'll drop Patience off for her first week on beach mission.

Mon 28th - Thurs 31st: We're stocktaking at work. This means I'll be working 9:30-20:00 every day. We have to know how many metres is on every roll of fabric and count every single button, pin and needle. It really is as impossible as it sounds and I'm sure our results must be wildly inaccurate. But hey it'll be fun - we always have a laugh :)

Fri 1st Aug: Free day, yay! Hopefully Leo and I will be meeting up though because this is the only day I'll have chance to see her before she goes off to Finland for a year.

Sat 2nd - Sat 9th: Naomi and I will be travelling down to New Quay where we'll join Patience at the beach mission there. I haven't been before so I'm a little nervous. I'm glad I've got two veterans to look after me!

Hey so I should have loads to blog about when I get home!

Au revoir.

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