Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Go Murray!!

Did anyone see Andrew Murray beat Richard Gasquet last night? What an awesome match! I have to admit it's the first Wimbledon game I've watched this year - what have I been missing?!

The way he came back from two sets down is incredible. I think it was a combination of the crowd's tremendous support and his own stamina which saw him through to the quarter-finals. Gasquet was obviously flagging and Murray took full advantage of it.

I'm gutted I'm going to be in work tomorrow and miss his clash with Nadal.


image courtesy of BBC


Bethany said...

Sorry, I can't rejoice with you in this instance. I am not very fond of watching Andy Murray play and I hope Nadal beats him tonight because Rafa is my favourite male tennis player. Not very patriotic I know but Australia doesn't have very many great tennis players at present.

Suzanne said...

I kinda like Rafa too but I definitely wasn't glad he beat Murray! I want Federer to win now, he's my next favourite player :)

Bethany said...

I hope it's either Federer or Nadal. I love watching Federer play because he always so calm, cool, and collected. I think he has a contagious smile.

Suzanne said...

Well you've got your wish Bethany - it will be either Federer or Nadal! I agree, Federer is calm and he makes it look sooo easy.