Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day out in Prestatyn

Leo, Rachel, Ffion, Josh & I went out for the day yesterday as a kind of goodbye thing for Leo - although she'll hate me saying that ;) For those of you who don't know, she's hopefully going to be an Au-pair in Finland for a year so we may not see her again for quite a while.

First stop was the bowling alley in Prestatyn. We took all the photos with our phones so the quality of some of them isn't brilliant.



Rachel and half of my face

Josh & Leo

Leo & Rachel


It was a good game....say no more ^_^

We all piled back in the car after the game and I turned the key to start the engine. Nothing happened. I then realised I'd left the car headlights on and I now had a flat battery. So we had to walk, yes walk, all the way back to Leo's house. To cut a long story short, Leo's granddad came out to help but by the time we got there, the car would start anyway. Embarrassing.

It was about 2:00 by this time and we still hadn't had any lunch. So, after holding a huge conference about it, we drove into Prestatyn town to get a pizza from where Leo works. We then had to drive to about 5 different chip shops till we found one that was still open.

Here's Rachel & Josh enjoying their chip dinner:

After lunch, we walked to the beach and had a game of football.

Then a photo shoot:

Ffion, Josh, Leo & Rachel

Ffion, me, Leo & Rachel

Leo, Rachel & Josh

Leo & Rachel

I'm afraid we all look a little wind-swept. And I think we were all pretty tired by the time we got back. So, after dropping Leo off at work and saying goodbye, the rest of us drove back home.


Bethany said...

Are all of them your family. I can see some resemblances

Suzanne said...

Rachel, Ffion and Josh are my younger siblings - or some of them! Leanne (the one with fair hair) is a friend :)

Samantha said...

What a lovely collection of photos you have here. I have just returned from Prestatyn myself after a family holiday on the haven caravan park Presthaven Sands. Luckily we had the best weather while we were there so took full advantage of the surroundings including the beach, it's nice to see the weather held off for you aswell.
Apart form the wind!