Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Penrhyn to Pembroke

I haven't got time for a long, in-depth blog post at the moment so I'll just give you some photos to look at with a little bit of blurb to explain what they are :)

I just have to say though that the Pembroke conference was fantastic and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who might consider going. Visit the webpage and take time to listen to the conference messages if you can. They were excellent.

The day at Penrhyn castle was really good and I learnt loads about my camera. Plus, the location was lovely and I got some great opportunities for photographs:

On Saturday evening, Patience and I went for a walk to a church in a place near her house that I can't remember the name of. Here's a picture of the graveyard:

I love this photo of the fence going down into the water but I can't quite explain why.

We arrived in Pembroke early Monday afternoon. Pembroke is a lovely little town with a river running right through the middle of it. Or it could be a canal. Anyway, here's a photo of it:

Here's our campsite. I think the conference-goers managed to take over quite a large proportion of the site!

This is Patience and Charis cooking breakfast on Patience's little stove. I've been told this is 'real' camping, which may well be true, but I think I'll stick to my 'pretend' camping because this seemed to me like a brilliant way to burn the tent down. But hey, we did well for breakfasts and I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite moaning about the way it was cooked!

This is John cooking us breakfast. On a much safer stove, I should add. Sorry it's a bit dark. But it's probably just as well you can't examine the pan's contents too closely... ;)

From the left: John, Gareth, Charis, Bethan, Patience, Uncle Neil

The same as above except Gaz and I swapped places.

We went to the beach every day except Monday. There were two different beaches we visited and they were both beautiful. Wow - a huge improvement on Prestatyn beach! We played games on the beach with the young people from the Tabernacle and some on our own. It was fun and I should have got more photos.

Here we are sitting near the beach waiting for Simon and Soni to bring us the delicious Indian food that Soni had cooked for us. Mmm.....should have got some photos of that ;)


From the left: Ffion, Patience, Josh, John, James, Gaz, Rachel, Charis, Bethan, Angharad and myself.

On Saturday, Patience and I visited Pembroke Castle before we left. We picked a good day actually because we got to watch demonstrations of people firing guns and a cannon. I couldn't get a good photo of that though because I jumped too badly when they were fired!

And, finally, here's a reluctant Patience posing under the Union Jack:

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Bethany said...

You took some beautiful pictures. Sounds like you had a lovely time away.