Thursday, July 10, 2008


This post will probably be of no relevance or interest to most of you. I'll tell you about it anyway though because hopefully somebody out there will find it useful.

I've discovered a tool that has revolutionised my web page creation: Reset CSS.

One of the problems web developers have is that most browsers have different default values for things like margin, padding, line-heights, font-size etc. This can result in inconsistencies when a page is viewed in different browsers.

Theoretically, the Reset CSS stylesheet will remove, or at least reduce, these inconsistiencies and hopefully give you a common starting point for all browsers. It does that by resetting the default values of html elements, usually to 0 .

I've been using Eric Meyer's Reset CSS, tweaked slightly for my own requirements. There are others out there; I know Yahoo! and Google have both developed similar stylesheets. It's easy enough to write your own really though and just include the html elements you will use most often.

There's plenty more info on the web about this - just google it.

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