Saturday, July 05, 2008

Warm in Iceland?

I was working in Chester yesterday. As I sat eating my chips at lunch time, I could see the Iceland supermarket with a big Iceland logo on the side.

It struck me that red and orange are strange colours to choose for a supermarket with a name like 'Iceland'. Don't you think?

If I was given the task of designing a logo for Iceland, I'd almost certainly want to experiment with with cold colours like blue, grey, white. Something like this:


If you're waiting for some profound explanation of Iceland's colour'll be waiting a long time. I'm sure one exists btw, I just don't know what it is.

And, you're right, I do think some totally random thing sometimes =)


Anonymous said...

Iceland is actually green ^_^

Greenland is the one covered with ice.

Your palette matches the name beautifully though!

Suzanne said...

hey majoris thanks for your comment and the tip!!

I never was much good at geography...

I think I'll create another Iceland palette. Then I'll send you it when I'm done! ;)

Leo said...

Well, from the way I see it, its like the background is hot colours and the name is cold = white... Like, hmm, I know what I mean!

I think it's mainly the bright background because of advertisement though too :)

Anyway! How are you Suzie? x

Anonymous said...

I like the Iceland logo - it's ironic!

Suzanne said...

Erm...I'm glad you know what you mean Leo :P

I'm great thanks.

Ironic. That's an interesting way of looking at it...

Anonymous said...

I get what Leo means, the white colour (Is white a colour?)looks cold in contrast to the hot colours around.

Suzanne said...

ohhh I get it! That's a very interesting way of looking at it too. Maybe that's the answer :)