Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This is going to be a rambling sorta post about various things....mostly about what I'm doing at the moment, for anyone who might be interested.

I'm hopefully starting my course at Glyndwr on 22nd September. Well, that's the induction week and I imagine I start for real on the following week.

I'm still carrying on with my job but just working Saturdays. Somehow though I've managed to get a leaving party out of it, along with two other girls who are leaving for uni. I've protested that I'm still staying on for Saturdays but it seems that doesn't count lol

Next week I'll be home alone because my family are going away for the week. I've been trying to work out what I'll do for meals....I'll have to figure something out so I'm not tempted to go to the chippy every night! It's a pity you're going away again Leo because you could have come to stay :(

The past year has gone so fast, it's incredible. It seems hardly any time since it was August last year. September always seems like the beginning of a new year to me so I guess that's partly why I'm reminiscing about what's been and thinking about plans for the future.

It's weird. I've done new things, been to new places, made new friends....but I'm still exactly the same person as I was 12 months ago. You know, no matter how old or young a person is, I think they always feel the same. Even if opinions, tastes, beliefs change, there's still something consistent about each person that will never change. Don't you think? But wheyy I'm going too deep now!

Ciao for now :)

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Bethany said...

I agree with what you mean about people feling the same even when they get older.I always think about that with elderly people. Even though they are old in age they must still feel young inside.