Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Egg Race

The aim was to create a roller coaster that would safely transport 6 uncooked eggs from start to finish. There were prizes for the tallest, fastest, most original etc. We were only allowed to use cardboard, paper, string and tape, although we could use paints and stuff to decorate the rides.

Wow, some of the finished structures were awesome. Here's some photos:

And, finally, here's my group's contribution:

Not quite so magnificent as some of the others but, hey, we had fun and put a lot of tlc into it!


Bethany said...

Some great creations there! Did any eggs end up broken?

Goldfish said...

Projects like that are so much fun (even if you don't have the best grade in the class)!

Suzanne said...

Yes, actually, some eggs did end up broken! Some of them shot right off the roller coaster and smashed spectacularly on the floor. Thankfully, none of my group's eggs broken though.

Yep you're right - projects like this are loads of fun!