Thursday, September 25, 2008

Life as a Student

Being an art student is fun. At least it is for the moment. Freshers Week probably isn't the best time to pass a judgement on the school or the course but it's been a great week.

Monday was mostly induction talks.

On Tuesday all the art students went to Blackpool for the day. We were divided into teams and had a sand modelling competition. Our topic was "time and tide wait for no one". My team made an egg-timer-shaped 'City of Time' and it looked pretty cool. I have a photo on my phone but can't get it off till Gaz brings his memory card back from uni.

The rest of the week has been spent making model roller coasters out of cardboard tubes and paper. Great fun. We had to go round the town scavenging materials from the shops' rubbish bins. Each team has to produce a roller coaster and we're going to be judged tomorrow. Again, I have photos of our great Work of Art but I'll have to upload them some other time.

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