Monday, October 27, 2008

Unusual Building Designs

The Robot Building was completed in 1986 and is located in Bangkok, Thailand. It was designed by Sumet Jumsai for the Bank of Asia. Its design was intended to reflect the computerisation of banking.

These books cover the parking garage of Kansas City's Central Library. The books displayed are listed here.

This is the headquarters of the Longaberger Company which is an American manufacturer of home and lifestyle products, including handcrafted maple wood baskets.

This house was built last year in Anhui Province in China. The violin is transparent and contains an escalator which transports visitors up to the Piano House.

This building was designed by Czech architect Vlado Milunić and is known as the 'Dancing House'. It was built in 1995 for an insurance company in the city of Prague, Czech Republic, and was originally named Fred and Ginger.

The Upside Down House was designed and built by Polish businessman Daniel Czapiewski. The house was intended to be a profound statement about Communism and the state of the world generally.


madalien said...

Wow. Some people have rather more money than taste or sense. Like the Dancing House, but might be a tad strange to live in, but my favourite is the Piano House - absolutely classic (lol). Wonder what it's like inside? (Like people really....)

Suzanne said...

I love the piano house too. Wonder if anyone actually lives there.

Bethany said...

Those houses are so cool!

Tim said...

These are all stunning, I would love to be one of the architects commissioned for such a project!

Stepheny Weaver said...

These are absolutly COOL!



Goldfish said...

I loved this post. It's so interesting to see differnt building designs. I'd never have the patience or endurance it takes to become an architecht, but I do greatly admire them.
It's amazing how the archies can function [well still be alive] opn only three hours of sleep every night.