Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day at the Zoo

I went to Chester Zoo for the day yesterday with uni. You know, it's weird, I think the zoo is a place you appreciate more as you get older. I remember being bored stiff as a kid when I had to spend the day traipsing round the various animal enclosures. But yesterday there just wasn't enough time to see everything properly!

I think part of the problem though was that Alex and I were very bad at navigating ourselves around the zoo and consequently went to several places more than once and managed to miss other areas out completely. Alex had never been before so I guess she had a better excuse than me for going round in circles. But hey it was fun!

The 'Twilight Zone' was cool, if a little freaky. Bats fly all around you but amazingly never actually touch you. Also loved the penguins and the Meerkats.

Oh and we saw the gorgeous lion cub. Honestly, he was soo cute. I couldn't get a proper photo though because he was too far away. The lens I had on my camera was pretty useless actually because there were very few animals I could get close enough to for a decent shot. Had fun photographing the fish though. Looove the aquarium! I've always wanted one.

But we did go to the zoo for a purpose. Our assignment was to find letters and faces in the environment. Sounds weird? Well here's an example:

letter T

Can you see the face? The two round holes are eyes and the little hole at the bottom is the mouth?

When I've finished compiling my 'alphabet', I'll post it here for you to see. Not sure what we're doing with the faces yet though.

But yeah, Chester Zoo is well worth the visit if ever you get a chance to go!


Bethany said...

It's amazing what you see when you go looking for it.

Patience said...

You got lost and I wasn't there? I'm shocked at you!

Philip Mackereth said...

Hey! how are you?
thanks for the comment; -you are welcome to use the pic for wallpaper.

Anonymous said...


Suzanne said...

Patience, I know....but I really didn't get so satisfactorily lost as only you and I know how ;)

Hi Phil, I'm fine thanks! Thanks for the use of the wallpaper, I'm loving it.

Thank you Alice!