Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Heart London

I had an awesome few days in London earlier this week. The only thing which spoilt the trip slightly was the hostel we stayed in - it was dirty and grotty. But thankfully we were out most of the time so we didn't have to spend much time there.

First trip on Monday morning was to Madame Tussauds. I was seriously impressed by it and Sam, Sarah and Vicky all agreed it was fantastic too. Besides the wax figures there was a Chamber of Horrors which was sooo scary! Don't think I've ever screamed so much in my life!

Monday afternoon we visited Tate Modern and then took a trip on the London Eye.

You can view more photos here and here.

At 4.00am Tuesday morning, I was standing outside a London night club. Wondering if I was dreaming. This is how our adventurous night unfolded.....

After enjoying a nice meal on Monday evening, we got to bed by midnight. At 3.30am we were awakened by the fire alarms going off. Slightly dazed, we grabbed our belongings (ignoring the correct procedures) and put on our coats. Then we tumbled down the 6 flights of stairs and out of the hostel. The fire engine arrived pretty quickly and we got back to our room about twenty minutes later. We then were told that the girl in the room opposite us had gone missing and was probably roaming the streets trying to find her way back to the hostel. Sam and I offered to help the girl's room-mate look for her so we went back to the night club where she'd been last seen and searched the nearby streets and alleyways. We could find no sign of her though and, in the end, went back to the hostel. By that time it was hardly worth going back to bed so we just talked till morning. The girl turned up at some point on Tuesday.

Needless to say, we were all feeling pretty tired and fed up on Tuesday. Sam and Vicky went home and Sarah and I spent most of the day apart doing our separate things. Neil came over for the day, which was cool :) We had a fun expedition around Harrods. And then we visited Banksy's Tunnel. Banksy is a graffiti artist who leaves fascinating pictures all over the city and who takes a great deal of care to ensure his identity remains secret. I'm a big fan of his so I'll have to write a post about him sometime! The tunnel had some fascinating images in it but it was a little disappointing because people had graffitied over most of the original work so it was hard to tell if any of it was actually Banksy's.

Here's one of the works. Not quite sure what it's intended to portray. But it's cool.

We then watched a 3D film at the IMAX cinema. It was an amazing experience - the 3D effect was fantastic! Enjoyed another nice meal and discovered I like crispy duck ;)

Sarah and I crashed out on Tuesday evening and slept right through till the morning. We planned to have a quiet day on Wednesday and just go and sit in St. James' park, which was just down the road. Somehow though, we ended up walking through St. James' park, onto Green Park and through Hyde Park. Miles and miles. We then walked down Oxford Street to the British Museum and spent some time looking round there. Finally, very tired, we walked back to Piccadilly in time for our coach, which picked us up at 5:45.

Then we hit the road for Wales and home! I arrived back home at about 11.10pm, exhausted but glad to have had a fantastic trip :)


~Tori~ said...

Sounds like a fun trip for you! Glad to hear you enjoyed herself!

Naomi Lowery said...

Hey suzie, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to London, it sound eventful