Friday, December 05, 2008

Random Happenings


I'm aware that my blogging lately has been of a somewhat lazy nature so I thought it was about time I made more effort to talk to my readers properly.

The fact is though, I've been a little bogged down in work and all kinds of other things over the past few weeks. My course at NWSAD is going very well - I'm loving every minute of it! I have a great bunch of people on my course and we all work together well and help each other. I'll have to post more photos of our projects at some point. I never imagined that studying graphic design would involve trips to the zoo, playing with plasticine and figuring how to get round the room without touching the floor. Seriously, it's almost like being in playschool. But it's fun fun!

Here's one of my plasticine models. I have a whole family of fruit/veg people which I'll have to show you at some point. But, in the mean time, meet Audrey the Aubergine:

We break up for Christmas on December 19th. I can't believe I'm almost at the end of my first semester. And, worse, where HAS the year gone? I'm told that time goes faster as you get older. That's worrying. Because if it's going at break-neck speed when I'm 20, I can't imagine what it'll be like by the time I'm 40.

Talking of time, I should be spending it doing my course work right now. So guess I'll say goodbye and get going :)


Bethany said...

I've noticed too how fast the years gone. Maybe it just means that you don't realize how fast time goes when you're younger. Or perhaps you're really mature. :)
Love the eggplant you made; and looking forward to seeing photos of the rest.


Stepheny Weaver said...

So very cute! :)

BTW< I loved the post with the faces.... that was funny... I am always seeing those kinds of things, and my family stares at me like "What a weirdo!" lol :)

Anyway, don't worry about the blogging thing, I haven't blogged for a while (since Dec. 2nd. ;)) and I need to post.

I have a question, How do you get your names of the people you tag to go to there blog? Like when you tagged me, all you put was Steph.... how did you get it to do that? Thanks!


Sarah~Mechelle said...

Whats that saying... Time goes fast when your having fun! Smiles

Thank you for the lovely comment.

And I just love Audrey!

Esther said...

love the model suze