Monday, January 12, 2009


I returned Wednesday from a wonderful visit to Finland to see Leo. She is working in Finland at the moment as an au-pair to 3 adorable children. She is blessed to be with a Christian family and seems to be very much at home there.

I managed to miss my connecting plane on the way over due to my first flight being delayed - a bit of a headache! But I arrived eventually after an adventurous journey and was in time to see the New Year in. And it was so cool to see so much snow everywhere!

We did loads of fun stuff over the skiing, ice skating, ice hockey, pulka (basically sledging) and spark. A spark is a chair attached to a metal pair of runners with handles on the back of the chair.

Below are some photos of the visit. I had a fantastic time - hope you can tell!

The family home

Me, Tilda (9), Leanne & Wilmer (5)

Tilda (9), Leanne, Alfred (6) & Wilmer (5)

Wilmer, Tilda, me, Leanne's face! & Jocke

Wilmer, Tilda & Leanne

Driving in the snow - kinda scary!

Tilda, Toulouse the cat, me, Alfred & Leanne


~Tori~ said...

It certainly looks like you had your share of fun!! =)

Bethany said...

What beautiful snow! It was nice to hear about your trip.

Rachael said...

Looks like you had alot of fun!! What amazing photos you can capture on the camera with snow! It snowed a few times here and we have some very good shots!
Driving in the snow would be pretty scary!
Are you glad to be back from Finland?

Suzanne said...

You're right, the snow seems to create perfect conditions for photos! I am glad to be home, yes. Although, I miss everyone over in Finland too.