Saturday, January 31, 2009

It doesn't happen here...

....but it happens NOW. That's the slogan of Amnesty International, an organization which aims to protect individuals in societies where freedom, justice and truth are denied.

AI Switzerland decided to run an advertising campaign in 2006. The solution they came up with is just fantastic. If you were walking down your street and saw one of these installations, wouldn't you just stop dead in your tracks and look?

Aside from being fascinating pieces of design, they really do make you think......What if that scene was real - here, in my own neighbourhood? In the West, we're incredibly blessed to live in countries where, for the most part, truth and justice is upheld. Of course we, perhaps justifiably, bemoan the state of our governments and are rightly saddened when we see biblical values trodden under foot by so many in power. BUT, haven't we got so much to be grateful for? There are people in the world who can't step outside their house without fearing for their lives and others who spend their days wondering where the next meal will come from.

Thank God today and every day, so long as you have breath to live.

"O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever." Psalm 107:1


simpleman said...

Those ads are very powerful and you are 100% right. We really are blessed to live in the countries we do. I also hate how our religious beliefs get trampled on but take the good with the bad i guess eh?

melanie said...

Anonymous said...

I think safety lies in our heart. people who were sent to the concentration camps during World War 2 were in real situation of insecurity, while they were from the countries which seemed to have the best securities and armies.

where as you are right that we are so grateful to God for keeping us safe and secure.

Alyssa Scott said...
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Alyssa Scott said...

Hey Suzanne !

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

I think it is very neat too!
Morgan is an AWESOME Friend!!
I love photography and it is such a neck saver!!
Those pictures are so amazing and so true!
With you being into graphic design...
did you make those?

Alyssa Scott said...

Hey Suzanne!

Yes I do I have a Nikon D80!
The D40x is really cool!
You can go see some of my photography at

What are your favorite things to
take pictures of?

So you are from Wales!
From pictures I have seen it is a beautiful country!
On both sides of my family we are of Welsh descent and a lil Irish (and being American some other things but those are the two strongest) ;D