Thursday, January 15, 2009

Looking back at 2008

I guess we're already quite a way into 2009 now but I think it's great to look back at last year and just kinda reminisce about things. So I've created a list of things here of great memories I have......

Here's the rules:
1. Fill in your memories of 2008
2. Link my blog to yours
3. Tag others and comment on their blogs so they know they've been tagged

Remembering 2008

A good book I read
Nine-Day Queen of England: Lady Jane Grey by Faith Cook.

A great film/movie I watched
Facing the Giants. A fantastic movie and one I think everyone should watch. Check it out here

A new place I visited

An inspiring verse or quote I read

"Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tyre?" Corrie Ten Boom

A discovery I made
Beach Mission is incredibly fun and a very worthwhile way to spend your summer.

A new skill I acquired
I learned how to put oil in my car. Yeah....I should have already known. Needed to know to pass my test, in fact!

A lesson I learned
Be careful what you throw out as you may be throwing away something important......I learnt this lesson more than once. I'm afraid I throw things away on impulse if they don't look of immediate importance - I hate clutter.

A moment I will always remember
Sitting on my suitcase in Helsinki train station in the cold and dark, talking to a complete Finnish stranger about Wales, the weather and smoking. What on earth am I doing here??

I tag Bethany, Rachael, Steph, Ffion & Tori

Looking forward to seeing your answers!


Rachael said...

Thanks for tagging me, Suzanne! I'm looking forward to doing it; I've only ever been tagged once before and I really enjoyed filling it out :)
Is it alright if I copy your questions, with my own answers, or should I just make my own??

Bethany said...

Thanks Suzanne, for tagging me. I'll get onto it tomorrow. Oh, and thanks for the congratulations.

Amanda said...

I really enjoyed reading your answers.

I totally related to being careful what you throw out. We have done it more than once in our house recently.