Thursday, February 19, 2009

Great Reads

I've read several books recently that I thought were fantastic so I thought I'd share a few with you. Sorry I haven't got time to go into much detail but you can check out more reviews online!

Lady Jane Grey: Nine Day Queen of England by Faith Cook

This is the story of Lady Jane Grey who ruled England, against her wishes, for just nine days. The author clearly has researched the period well and it gives some amazing insights into Jane's family life and into the political scene of the day. Even more wonderfully, it gives an account of Jane's unwavering faith and commitment to the Lord Jesus, even in the face of severe temptation and trial. I found it a tremendously moving and inspiring story. A must read!

Sound of Trumpets by Faith Cook

Another book by Faith Cook. She's a wonderful author. This book contains a selection of short stories about Christian individuals who have not been afraid to 'sound the trumpet' for Christ. The people whose stories are told are generally little-known but there is so much to be gleaned from reading about their lives.

Picture This by Molly Bang

This is a fascinating book. Molly Bang takes the story of Little Red Riding hood and tries to portray the characters and scenes using very simple shapes and colours. She explains how shapes, colours and composition interact and give us different feelings when we see them. The principles are so simple and yet also so easy to forget when designing. A book for young and old which will teach you things you'll think you should have already known.....but somehow didn't quite consider them.

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are you magician? How come I am doing the same thing that you are? I am reading that book! lol