Saturday, February 07, 2009


Ok, I've thought of a better way to conduct this interview. Thank you so much to all those who have already offered to help!

I will post my interview questions below and, if you would like to take part, please email me with your answers. My address is: but take out the 88 in the middle.

There seems like a dreadful lot of questions but hopefully it won't take too long to fill in! Feel free to leave any questions out and you may be as brief as you like in your answers :) There's no hurry to have your replies as I will be working on this project for a few weeks. Thanks in advance though and look forward to seeing all your responses!

So here goes....


1. Firstly, how would you define the word ‘home’?

There are so many different aspects of ‘home’ that could be covered but I have come up with 3 broad areas. Feel free to leave out some questions if there are any you would rather not answer.

Your Own Home

2. Where do you consider your home to be? Do you consider more than one place to be your home?

3. Briefly describe your house/dwelling-place.

4. What is the most important aspect of your home?

5. Do you keep any pets or animals? If so, what?

6. Is there any particular object(s) that makes your house ‘home’?

7. Is there any particular person/people that makes your house ‘home’?

8. Name an important tradition that is a part of your home life. This can either be a tradition celebrated by just your family or by others in your country/culture.

9. Are there any particular smells that you associate with your home?

10. Are there any particular sounds that you associate with your home?

11. How would you describe the overall atmosphere in your home?

12. Give three words or short phrases that sum up how you feel about your home.

Your Local Community

13. Where do you live?

14. Have you always lived there?

15. How big is your local community?

16. Does this community play a large part in your life?

17. Name one building or gathering-place in your community that is important to you.

Your Country

18. If you moved to a different country, could you still consider it your home?

19. Name a traditional meal that is enjoyed in your home country.

20. How would you describe the climate in your area of the country? Are you susceptible to any extreme natural phenomena?

21. Briefly describe the way your country’s government works.

22. What is the main religion in your country? Do you follow this religion?


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