Wednesday, February 04, 2009

It really doesn't stick!

Just love these. Fantastic way of getting their point across :)

Posters designed for "Coleman Spray" and Tefal pan "non-stick"


madalien said...

I'd misunderstand - just think, shoddy company can't even put it's posters up properly and promptly dismiss it :(

Alyssa Scott said...

Hahaa that is Great!!!! Too funny!

Thank I am glad you liked my photography!

As you could probably see I like nature, snow and family too! Nature is so still for you and family is random and fun! ;D I love snow !! I saw where England and you guys got record snow!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!!? I grew up in Florida beaches and sunshine! (I could go on about that forever but I will not torture you! lol)
This winter and last winter have been so much fun we don't get a lot of snow (about 1-2 inches in the valley and about 6 inches to (sometimes) a foot in the mountains!! But Wales sounds BEAUTIFUL! Feel free to tell me ALL about it!!! I have always wanted to visit there. I am slowly working towards it! Someday.....someday..... lol

Anyways I saw where you have a poll about facebook do you have one? I do!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Really fully. In India, we have an advertisement for an adhesive. It is totally reverse in that. Go to youtube and search "fevicol ads". you may find them.

Anonymous said...

just read your comment. The old posts? Oh, I think I needed to start over. Now you will see my post are more fresh and more fun.

simpleman said...

Those ads are awesome! haha

and to answer you question.. Im a personal trainer.

melanie said...!

Anonymous said...

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