Friday, February 27, 2009

Travelling was never so comfortable

I've just come across the work of designer JooYoun Paek. She is Japanese by birth but is based in New York. She creates interactive objects and installations and has had her work showcased at several prestigious museums.

So here's a taster of her work:

The Pillowig is worn on your head and is designed to provide a comfy cushion for your head and neck when on the go.

Having spent a considerable amount of time on the London tube last week, I can appreciate the value of this!

Another of JooYoun's inventions is the Self-Sustainable Chair. As you walk, the pumps attached to your feet pump air into your 'dress' until it forms a chair. Fascinating.

This is hardly practical though, don't you think? Having to sit down every few minutes would definitely cramp your walking style and quickly become frustrating.

JooYoun has more ideas on her website so make sure you check them out. I'm afraid the worth of most of them is lost on me but they're interesting ideas!

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Anonymous said...

wow. she is really good a ideas. I want to check her website after this comment.

ya, u r right. the new followers widget is ugly. Last one was clean and easy. They could have kept it that way by just adding the features, but what to do, that's all what we have now.