Friday, March 13, 2009

50 things

Hey! Thank you Rachael for tagging me :) I have to write 50 random things about myself. This will be probably be long and boring but hope you enjoy it. You might learn something new about me!

1. I am a Christian.
2. I am studying Graphic Design at university.
3. I love both these facts ^^
4. I also like the idea of being an interior designer.
5. I love colours, especially bright ones.
6. My favourite colour is red.
7. I used to hate the colour orange but now I love it.
8. When it's cold, I wear neon pink leg-warmers to keep me warm.
9. I live in an old stone house which gets cold easily.
10. I don't enjoy the cold weather unless there's lots of snow.
11. My favourite season is summer.
12. 4 weeks from today I'll be in the south of France, which will hopefully be a little warmer than here.
13. I'm struggling already.....however will I reach 50?
14. I enjoy reading.
15. I also enjoy writing.
16. I love writing essays.
17. I love music.
18. I play the piano.
19. I also play the violin to some extent... although it sounds too much like a cat being strangled for my liking.
20. I can play the recorder.
21. I used to badly want a digeridoo.
22. I'd still like one but it doesn't seem quite so important anymore...
23. I like learning languages.
24. I correspond with people from many different countries.
25. This doesn't mean I speak lots of means my foreign friends speak good English.
26. I love visiting other countries.
27. I enjoy eating food from other countries.
28. I especially love Italian food.
29. I have an unhealthy addiction to cheese.
30. I try not to eat refined sugar because it knocks me out....not literally - just sends me to sleep.
31. Too many carbohydrates do the same thing.
32. I eat a lot of salad.
33. Even though I used to hate it when I was younger.
34. My favourite meal is Lasagne with garlic bread and salad.
35. I feel very self-centred starting so many sentences with 'I'....
36. I enjoy photography.
37. I dislike having my photo taken.
38. I enjoy taking pictures of my family.
39. I have 7 siblings who are all younger than me.
40. I can't decide whether or not I like being the eldest.
41. I love playing table tennis.
42. I also love playing normal tennis but need some more practice...
43. I dislike any form of exercise unless it's competitive.
44. In other words, I'm lazy when it comes to walking anywhere ;) But why walk when you can drive?
45. I drive a green Vauxhall Corsa
46. I have an annoying habit of falling asleep during movies.
47. I also have a frustrating habit of falling asleep when I'm reading.
48. I've been told I have fallen asleep, more than once, in the middle of a conversation (when lying in bed though so that's forgivable...)
49. See no. 30 if you want to know the reason for my strange, sleepy behaviour...but actually some movies are just plain boring ;)
50. I love blogging!

That was fun! I tag anybody who reads this to post 50 random facts about themselves.


Anonymous said...

wow. I got to know so much about you. by the way, where do you live?

Suzanne said...

I live in Wales!