Saturday, March 14, 2009

How old will you be at 63?

Sorry, I haven't blogged for ages again. Apart from my '50 things', which I hope you enjoyed. The problem is, when I have a lot of extra work to do, blogging tends to be the first thing from my daily schedule that goes out of the window. I'm afraid it's just a part of time-prioritization. But, hey, I promise I'll try and squeeze some more time in for blogging!

Have you ever heard the song 'Rushing Around?' If you haven't, you should listen to the Peasall Sisters sing it HERE

This post title will make sense to you once you've listened.

I was listening to it a few days ago. I realised it sums up my current lifestyle pretty well. And I think there's a whole lot of wisdom in the message it's trying to get across. Blaise Pascal once said, "All the troubles of life come upon us because we refuse to sit quietly for a while each day in our rooms."

He may well be right.

How many troubles could we avoid if we took the time to sit down and quietly consider what we're doing with our lives? How many mistakes could we steer clear of, simply by taking the matter to the Lord in prayer?

Laziness can't be condoned. But, I can't help thinking that rushing around every day with no time to spare for anybody, perhaps even God, is almost as bad. I find it a challenging thought.

"Hearken unto this, O Job: stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God." Job 37:14


~Tori~ said...

I have a CD of the Peasall Sisters and that song is on there! I always liked it a lot! =)

Anonymous said...

lol, suzanne is a philosopher now!! wow.