Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Own up!

After some thought, I have decided that I will no longer permit anonymous comments on my blog. If you wish to comment, you must leave me some indication of who you are. Please! Anonymous commenting is still technically enabled on my blog but this is to allow people who do not have a blogger account or an OpenId to comment. Comment moderation is now enabled and, if you don't leave your name, your comment will be deleted!

I don't have any objection if people want to disagree with me, make a negative remark about a post, or if they wish to express an opinion which perhaps puts me in a bad light. However, I do object if they aren't prepared to own up to their comment and admit their identity. At best, this is unhelpful; at worst, cowardly.

Sorry if this all sounds very negative! And, by the way, I'm not intending to suggest that this is something I have a massive problem with on my blog. Thankfully, I don't. But little things like this can create an unhelpful atmosphere - even in cyberspace!

So thanks :)


Anonymous said...

well, that's not a problem is it? I agree with you. Actually, being anonymous is so cowardly thing..

Anonymous said...

What!!!! I'll never own up

name - not tellin you, not tellin you............ Oh go on then

gnomes (forgot my password so couldn't sign in)