Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun Foto Friday

Ok, last week's challenge was clearly too easy. I think you'll find this one a little trickier. But not too hard, I hope! I want you to see if you can Guess the Country. Comment with the number of the photo and which country you think the photo was taken in. If you can, you could even try and tell me what the subject of each photo is or be more specific about its location.

I'll give you just a little helping hand... all of the countries are in Europe, with the exception of one.








I'll do the same as last time and won't publish the comments until I think everyone has answered who wants to. Although, actually, I'm away over the weekend so it probably won't get done till Monday. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

1. Big Ben, Londond, England. Man, do I miss it!
2. No idea. :P
3. Egypt??
4. Somewhere in the North... =P
5. Greece
6. Rome, Italy.
7. No idea
8. No idea

Are you going to publish the right answers?

Bethany said...

I don't think I'll do this one as I don't know many of them. I did know a few though. I look forward to seeing the answers and bettering my knowledge of other countries.

P.S. I do know no. 1!

Antonia said...

well, let's guess:

1. Great Britain/England/London - that's easy. The Big Ben and the house of parliament (is this photo taken out of the London Eye?)

2. I'm sure that I've seen a picture of that building somewhere before...but which country is it!? France?

3. Egypt

4. no idea! Wales? ;)

5. looks like Greece

6. Italy/Rome/Colosseum

7. France (it could be Monaco - there is the flag of Monaco at the right ;) )

8. Portugal/Lisbon/25th April Bridge

Great pictures!

Suzanne said...

Sorry, I guess I made it harder than I realised! But those of you who guessed did pretty well :) Here's the answers:

1. Big Ben, London, England (yes, taken from the London Eye)
2. Library at Ephesus, Turkey
3. Pyramids, Egypt
4. A house in Vaasa, Finland (that was a hard one - but well done Moonshaw, it was in the north!)
5. Parthenon, Athens, Greece
6. Colosseum, Rome, Italy
7. A street in Monaco, France (well done, Antonia!)
8. 25th April Bridge, Lisbon, Portugal

Rachael said...

Well, that was certainly a difficult one! I knew a few, but didn't want to risk answering :P