Friday, July 03, 2009

It's Fun Foto Friday but...

...I'm afraid it's going to be the last for some time. I've decided I'm going to give blogging a break for a little while. I really don't want to stop but it's just a small matter of time prioritisation. I have so many things demanding my time at the moment that I really can't afford to give my blog the attention I would like. In any case, I shall be away for the latter part of July and most of August.

But hey, hopefully it's not the end forever! Perhaps when the new term begins in September I'll take blogging up again. If I can stay away for that long ;) I've no doubt I'll keep half an eye on your blogging activities too so don't think I'm disappearing entirely.

Thanks for being great blog readers!

Anyway, here's today's challenge. I've been through all my photo folders looking for photos that are either a little bizarre or didn't quite work out. Your task is to tell me what you think I was photographing. I hope it's not too difficult again! Remember you can click a photo if you want to enlarge it.








Neil said...

Sorry to hear you are stopping (even for now) - I enjoy your posts

1. Shadows
2. Canal boat in mist
3. I remember that one!!
4. Fireworks
5. Escalator
6. Someone's big mouth

Rachael said...

Hope you have a fun break from blogging :) I'll miss you, but hope you'll come back :P
I guess the pictures all have shadows, yes or no?

Bethany said...

Oh, Suzanne, I'll definitely miss your posts but totally understand. I'll look forward with anticipation to September. I'll have to give this Foto Friday some thought and will be back with my answers. Just wanted to let you know straight away that I love your posts and will miss them!

Tori said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you are leaving us for a while - but yet, I can understand why you want a break. I just hope it won't be forever!

I really have no idea what the things in the pictures are to even make an educated guess! =)

Under Southern Skies said...

Those are some very interesting photos! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that! I'll be looking forward to your return on the blog world. ;)

1. The shadows allow the wall to be seen... You were photographing the "visible" part?

2. Maybe a boat, with an awesome background of fog and trees.

3. A funny drawing on a don't-remember-how-it's-called window, of maybe what is seen through the drawing?

4. I have no idea, but it looks like a scrunchy I use to put up my hair. Haha

5. The fact that one is absolutely jammed with people and the other one is empty?

6. A mouth! :D

Alex said...

1. shadows of people
2. a boat in the middle of a storm
3. a smiley face?
4. fireworks
5. an escalator in an airport
6. a mouth

Those are my guesses! :D

About taking a break from blogging, I totally understand. While my photography blog is left alone most of the time, when I actually sit down to post it takes a loooong time. Part of the time is taken up with loading and editing the photos, while the rest of the time is spent actually reading other people's blogs. Sometimes a break can be just what is needed. May God be with you as you enjoy the rest of the summer! :D :D :D

Suzanne said...

Thanks for all your comments :) I do hope I'll be back before too long!

So here's the answers. Congrats to those of you who got some or all of them right!

1. Shadows against a wall
2. A barge/canal boat approaching a bridge in the mist
3. A picture of a face drawn in the condensation on a car window
4. Fireworks
5. An escalator in London Underground. Yes, for some reason one side was packed full and the other completely empty.
6. Somebody's mouth!

Bethany said...

I never got around to letting you know my answers but I guessed them all right in my head!

Johanna said...

Hi Suzanne, i noticed that you are following my blog. Unfortunately for you i started writing in swedish now. I hope you'll follow the blog anyway.

But that's not what i wanted to say. I just have to let you know that you're blog is really beautiful. and i wonder how you do to make it look like that? I never seem to be very content about my blog appearance.
/ johanna