Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Well, this is the first time you've heard from me this year. So let me start by wishing you all a blessed 2010. Actually, I should probably wish you a belated Happy Christmas too.

I'm still alive, obviously.

Sorry for being such an irregular blogger. I keep resolving to do better but... that takes time and time is something which I seem to be in short supply of these days. I know I've said this ohh so many times before but I really am going to try a little harder now. I forgive you if you don't believe me. But watch this space!

So, tell me, how are you? Leave me a comment and say hi!

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Antonia said...

Hi Suzanne! Welcome back!
We have snow here in Austria, you can stop by my blog, there are some snow pics...

And your post reminds me, that I have to answer you Mail...sorry!