Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Internet is a scary place.

Isn't it? I was thinking about it earlier. Doesn't it blow your mind just a little to think that, whenever you write on your blog or send a message on facebook, it's potentially available for millions of people to see?

And, what's especially frightening is the fact that, once you've put something out there, you can't retrieve it again. I mean, who knows who may have copied or filed it away, mentally or physically, before you've had chance to retract what you said. As I heard somebody once say, it's not like pinning a note to your cork board where you can just tear it down again.

Think about it.

And just consider, what you say online will likely end up serving as a strange kind of legacy of your life. When you're gone (sorry to be morbid), people will be able to find snippets of your life scattered about in cyberspace. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Could be both or either, I guess.

In the internet I think our generation has something which previous generations never knew. I'm not just talking about the plethora of information and instantaneous communication systems which we have at our disposal. What I'm actually thinking about is this living, virtually ubiquitous record which is being daily written by people across the world. In a few decades' time, studying history won't be anything like we know it now. I can imagine the teachers in school...

"Kids, today we're going to study the Iraq war. I want you to go home and read the blogs of people who were alive at the time and even those who fought in the war. You could even try and dig out the facebook pages of those who were involved. If you've never heard of facebook, don't worry because we'll cover it in another lesson. And don't forget that thing they used called Twitter. You may find updates from people who were actually right close to the action...."

Is that too weird?

(Greetings to posterity, if you're reading this!)

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Tori said...

I love it...and yes, it is scary to think about that stuff! Makes you think twice about what you say on the internet...virtually everyone can see it! =)