Monday, July 05, 2010

Edgar Mueller

I don't know if you've ever heard of an artist called Edgar Mueller? I came across him several months ago and was totally blown away by his work. He's a street artist who creates amazing 3D paintings.

Imagine seeing one of these on your high street!


Antonia said...

Amazing art! I like it. Thanks for sharing, Suzanne.

Bethany said...

I hadn't heard of Edgar Mueller, but I have seen paintings like that before. They are amazing, aren't they? It would rather off-putting if you were driving down a road with that on it.

Rachael said...

AWESOME!!! I love that sort of stuff =)

Anonymous said...

Do you have to stand at a certain angle to get the full benefit of it, or does it look real from any perspective?

Those are amazing artworks.

Suzanne said...

I expect you have to stand at a certain angle in order to get the full effect but I'm not entirely sure.

Glad you all like them!

SuzaneSG said...

it's awesome!
I love it!
wow.. He's the guy!
Thx for sharing, Suzanne.