Friday, October 15, 2010


You know, I haven't posted photos on here for ages! That's partly because I haven't taken many recently. There's something wrong with my camera. It still takes photos ok but I have somehow managed to get something on the sensor inside the camera which means that every photo I take has a small black splodge on it. So, because I have to photoshop this mark out of every photo I take, I feel quite disinclined to take lots of photos.

Despite this, I do have quite a selection of interesting photos from the past 12 months because I've had the opportunity to go abroad a few times. I thought you might like to see photos I took in the town of Dubrovnik, which is in Croatia. The photos below are ones I took during a boat trip. I do have more of the town itself but too many to put all in one post! I'll have a sort through them and maybe pick a few out to post at a later date.

It's just a beeeautiful place.


Neil said...

Some really lovely photos. Did you see mine from 2yrs ago? (Camera not as good as the one I used when I went on the Nile.)!/album.php?aid=18354&id=791883787

Or if you cannot see them on Facebook, some are also here on Flickr

Ingrid Harper said...

wow, these are beautiful! I definitely need to put Croatia on my list of places to go! :)
Which camera do you use?

Suzanne said...

Hello Ingrid :) Thanks for stopping by! Croatia is a really beautiful place. Definitely go there if you get the chance. I use a Nikon D40x.

Do you have a blog?