Monday, June 29, 2015


Last Christmas, I bought Ben tickets for a cricket match - England V New Zealand at Old Trafford on 23rd June. At the time it seemed ages away, but, before we knew it, there were just a couple of days to go and we needed to figure out how we were getting there and make all the other necessary plans for the day.

Although the game didn't start till 6.30pm, Ben booked the afternoon off work so we could take our time getting there and maybe go for a meal beforehand. We decided to go by train, instead of having the hassle of driving and finding somewhere to park. So, we took the train to Manchester Victoria, and then went via tram to Old Trafford. To make sure we could find it, we decided to travel to Old Trafford first, and then find somewhere to eat. In hindsight, this probably wasn't the best idea because the stadium is right next to the station (so no problem finding it) and there wasn't really anywhere to eat in Old Trafford except for a couple of grotty-looking pubs and a few takeaways that weren't open yet (it was only 4pm). In the end, we ate in Tesco cafe, not the most romantic of locations, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

After eating, we meandered down to the stadium and went through security. Helpful stewards directed us to our seats, and by the time we arrived we were laden with a variety of match-day merchandise and freebies: a programme (including other adverts and literature), a match radio, several 4 & 6 cards and 2 blow-up England cricket bats.

Weather-wise, we couldn't have chosen a better day. The sun was glorious, and we spent an enjoyable hour sipping on our drinks and watching the teams warm up before the match.

I won't bore you with details of the match itself, but let's just say it was a happy day for England cricket fans!

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