Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Awesome Food Award

Thank you Caitlin, both for nominating me, and for reminding me that I've been neglecting my poor old blog! Check out Caitlin's blog here:

So, here are Caitlin's questions:

1. What are your favorite Soup's?
I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of soup, although you can probably tempt me if it's accompanied with some warm crusty bread. My favourite soups are the chunky, hearty kind, full of meat and veggies. I've also recently discovered a thai soup called Tom Kha Gai, which is really delicious and has a nice chilli kick.

2. Do you prefer Scones with your Tea or separately?
I love scones with jam and clotted cream but I don't like tea, so I'd eat them on their own. I'm a little confused though because I didn't realise Americans eat cream teas (sorry if I'm wrong!) so I'm wondering if I'm misunderstanding the question.

3. What's your favorite kind of Pizza?
The meatier the better! My most favourite is pepperoni.

4. Do you prefer baking or cooking?
Definitely cooking. And everyone else prefers my cooking too - most of my baking escapades end in disaster!

5. What types of foods do you like making most?
I like most kinds of food, and most kinds of cooking, so this is a tough one. One of my favourite types of food to cook is Indian curries.

6. What exotic food have you tried that most people haven't?
I once ate camel when I was in Morocco. From what I remember it tasted a bit like beef.

7. Do you prefer cookies or cake?
Depends on the cake or cookie! Probably cookie though, I think.

8. Are you more the chips and salsa type, or just the plain old chip without salsa?
Chips and salsa isn't really a big thing over here, unless you count nachos (at least not as far as I know!) but I think I'd go for the chips with the salsa.

9. Do you like Chicken or Hamburger meat better?

10. What's your favorite Dessert? Why?
Hmm...either Sticky Toffee Pudding or Chocolate Pudding or Belgian Waffle or Pavlova or....this question is far too difficult!

This is where I break the rules and don't nominate anybody! As I've just re-entered the blogging world after 3.5 years, none of my old blogging chums are around anymore.

Wait, I've got an idea. I nominate anybody who reads this! I'd love it if someone did, and dropped me a comment to let me know :) Or, even, just comment with your answers! It'd be nice to get some life back into this blog.

Here are my questions, for anyone who decides to do it:

1. What's your favourite kind of takeaway or fast-food?
2. Do you like olives?
3. What food do you dislike the most?
4. Do you like spicy food?
5. What's your favourite meat?
6. What's your favourite part of Christmas dinner?
7. Tell me about something you've cooked or baked that you were pleased with.
8. Describe your favourite breakfast.
9. Coke or Pepsi?
10. How do you like your eggs?

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